Golf Course

1st hole : 203 m, par 3: passes the door of the restaurant with an alluring smell of excellent cuisine – here it is very difficult to gain a shot, since the ball can be caught by bunkers or a 190 m long ditch and embankment of the local road, and behind the green there lurks a water ditch.

2nd hole : 333 m, par 4: the longest fairway, that is limited by a local road on its right and on its left there are bunkers and vegetation, which means that an average golf player cannot always hit the green, even on the second stroke.

3rd hole : 151 m, par 3: across the road with clubs in hand, the green is lower, all located on the right side of the local road.

4th hole : 324 m, par 4: across the local road again on the other side and opposite the fairway of no. 3 hole, which offers a rather flat and plain course, it is very possible to reach the green with a second stroke.

5th hole : 180 m, par 4: this water hole is situated behind the biggest L-shaped pond. Here, unless you can chip like Tiger Woods, it is recommended to play a defensive game with the first stroke aiming to land in front of the pond and the second across it onto the green.

6th hole: 223 m, par 3: a local road limits the very last stroke toward the centre of the course before the restaurant on the right, on the left there are several natural and artificial hazards. You will also find a duplicate famous ancient stone bridge from St.Andrews. At the end there is a wide green, spreading in front of many guests and players will have to get used to playing in front of them.

7th hole: 279 m, par 4: all the way from the restaurant’s parking lot and practise field for putting and chipping there is hole no. 7 which faces the East. It is limited on the left by a vineyard and on the lower edge by a water hazard – a creek. A stroke over 170m promises, despite the sloping fairway, a possibility to play over the rising ground onto the high green, which is protected at the front by a water ditch.

8th hole: 185 m, par 3: the slope of the hill is even higher than the seventh green therefore the ball needs to be struck about 170m  into the valley over the water hazard – a creek, more precise players will attempt to play straight onto the green.

9th hole: 203 m, par 3: the professionals will have to cross the local road, the amateurs will stay on the other side, it is not easy to reach the green with the first stroke due to a rather wide water hazard – a creek, in front of it.

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