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FootGolf is a new sport which is gaining huge popularity around the world. The names says it all. Its a combination of Football and Golf. Instead of hitting the golf ball with the golf club you hit the football with your foot on a real golf course. Your goal is to get the football into the hole with few kicks (hits) as possible. There are 9 different holes on our golf course. This game is perfect for families because children and adults can play together without any problems. The holes are from 90 to 180m long with different terrains and obstacles so its allways fun and each hole is different. You can also a rent a golf car which makes FootGolf even more exciting.


Footgolf is becoming more and more popular among young people. Proof of this is the visits of primary and secondary school children, who brighten up their day with a game of footgolf. The game is perfect for the younger ones who can play 9 holes or for those with more endurance who choose to play 18 holes. Footgolf is perfect for children and teenagers because it combines several very important factors:
- footgolf is an outdoor activity in nature
- you sharpen your orientation skills (from the map you receive, you must orient yourself to the approximate 15ha area)
- competitive spirit and fairplay (record your score and compare your game with others)
- fun (footgolf is fun because anyone who knows how to kick a soccer ball can play it | we have softer and lighter balls adapted for children and girls for easier play)

Map of the course

FootGolf pricelist

To book your reservation please call 00386-70-866-701 or send a message over chat on our intro page (messenger in the bottom right corner).

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