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Euforia bed

The Euforia bed is a step towards maximal rest. In producing the core, the technology of pocket springs is being used. Each spring is inserted into its own pocket, which is all natural, made from 100% cotton. The frame or box structure is made of cold rolled foam, environmentally clean, biodegradable and friendly to the environment and people. The concept of such suspension ensures maximum orthopedic and ergonomic features of the bed. An anti allergen filler is sewn into the top cover. The cover is washable, which ensures optimal sanitation of the bed. Beds for the private hotel Natura Amon have been provided by Lagea Ltd.

Cushions, Blankets, Pillows

Odeja Ltd. is the largest specialized manufacturer of hypoallergenic products in Slovenia. Our excellent products are designed to provide healthy sleeping, to help restore energy and to make resting enjoyable, so we are constantly developing our program: following global fashion trends, using materials that are new to the market, whilst also taking into account the wishes of our customers.
The private Hotel NATURA AMON from Olimje is fitted with natural materials from the BIO cotton program.
Blankets, pillows and mattresses are made of completely natural materials. Odeja’s BIO wool program includes products that are filled with 100% Merino sheep’s wool or camel hair. All products have Wool mark quality certificate.
Odeja’s BIO Cotton program includes blankets and mattresses that are made from quality sanforized cotton and stuffed with cotton fibers. We also recommend our BIO pillows, filled with sterilized buckwheat hulls. Pillows adapt to the form of head and neck and gently massage your neck and back parts of the body.



The label 100% cotton ensures, that the material (fabric, filling) is fully made out of cotton. Products made out of cotton: absorb perspiration very well, are conductors of static electricity, are pleasant to touch.


Sterilized buckwheat hulls are a by-product of conventional buckwheat milling, that offer, when used as a pillow filler, exceptional features:  well-translated moisture and heat, gentle massaging of the neck and back parts of the body, improved blood circulation, adjustments to the shape of the head and neck.

Bedding, Towels, Sheets

The Slovenian trade mark Svilanit represents a group of high-quality products made from premium, ecologic cotton. For many years our products have been setting trends in the perception of comfort and aesthetics, expression of personal style and values of the individual, and high living culture. The tradition of making, together with our own development and design, presents us as a major European provider of such products.

Using modern technologies, all products are designed to meet high environmental standards with which we also meet the requirements of the family business Amon from Olimje.

Floor Lining

The Interflooring Company, Ltd., Zaloška 69, 1000 Ljubljana declares that we have all regulatory certificates and approvals for the installed InterfaceFlor Heuga flooring in art. EQUILIBRIUM tiles and that the flooring meets the highest environmental criteria.


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